Gang Violence: A Brief Story Of Ernesto Vera Family

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Second, the thesis is shown through the perspective of Ernesto Vera. Ernesto Vera was the eldest child in the Vera family. His two younger siblings, Lupe and Ray, otherwise known as Payasa and Lil Mosco, are both heavily involved with gang violence and all types of gang activity, but not Ernie. Ernesto said, “When I’m passing houses, I only hear TVs on, and all the anchors are talking about is looting and fire and Rodney King and black people and anger and that’s cool, whatever, because I’m focused on something else.” (6). Ernie wanted to completely absolve himself from this lifestyle by finding a part-time job, focussing on getting an education, and eventually getting out of Los Angeles. Through his actions, he demonstrated how to be a respectable …show more content…

The gang members mutilated his body, stabbing him, kicking him, and even dragging his body along the road as he was tied to the car. The gang members killed Ernie because Lil Mosco went into a club with his gun, and killed an innocent civilian. The innocent civilian was one of the gang members sisters’, and Joker (the gang member) wanted to avenge his sister’s death. Regardless, the gang members killed Ernie over something that he was not involved in. This shows a sense of dramatic irony, as Ernesto did not have any prejudice walls up, but because the the gang members did, he fell victim to a society that he did not want to take part in. This calls one's moral base into question, because no matter how tall the racist, prejudice walls stand, it is not acceptable to take the life of one who has a good and pure heart. As demonstrated in The Ash Garden, Hamlet, and even the Bible, adding hate with revenge will never provide one with a solution. Proverbs 10:12 says, “Hatred stirs up conflict, but love covers over all wrongs”. The conflict within the novel is clear, but the cure to the prejudice plague is to love one another. To “love thy neighbour as

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