E-Waste Case Study

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Introduction Gascon Games have to make a decision on their disposal option for their Electronic Waste (aka. E-Waste). E-Waste is electronic and electrical products that are no longer used. There will be a discussion on which option is best; Option 1 – Landfill Disposal in Ghana and Option 2 – Recycling Disposal in India. Each will cover the implications for Individuals, Gascon Games and Society. The decision will be made on research and there will be an extra recommendation at the end as well. Disposal Option 1: Landfill disposal in Ghana In the US alone, around 130 million PCs, mobile devices and TVs / monitors are scrapped every year. An overly popular disposal method is dumping in developing countries. The first disposal option is an…show more content…
Implications for Gascon Games As computers are among one of the most dumped technology – contributing to the 50 million tonnes “e-waste mountain”, these are constantly illegally disposed of. If a company is found to be disposing of E-waste illegally they can be fined anywhere between £1,000 and £1 million, so if these computers or other devices are exported illegally to Ghana they will face the consequences. Around 90% of total waste disposal is illegally dumped according to the UN, this is causes countries to lose out on significant amounts of natural resources such copper and gold. Implications for…show more content…
The charity E-Waste Solutions encourage society to recycle electrical devices by selling / donating or send to responsible recycler to either be fully recycled or be salvaged for raw materials. Implications for the Individual Recycling will clean up the environment that we live in which can have which will benefit individuals a lot as it will increase life expectancy and lower the risk or certain diseases such as cancer and heart disease. Recycling decreases pollution and makes life much easier and cleaner. Recycling also saves resources and money at the hands of companies selling these electronics. Implications for Gascon Games Companies can highly benefit from recycling as long as they comply with waste regulations. Recycling will also allow Gascon Games to save money as it reduces the waste cost as there is no landfill tax and there are less people to employ to handle the waste. Being a known recycler can also improve Gascon Games’ business reputation which can attract new customers and improve customer loyalty. Implications for

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