Gender Differences Between Men And Women

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The Analysis of the Difference between the Language of Male and Female
Abstract : Gender difference is a popular research topic for many disciplines and linguistics is no exception. Within the field of linguistics, the main focus is on the language difference between men and women. My paper aims to explore the language difference between men and women. The first part is some evidence about the difference and list many differences. The second part illustrates the causes of differences. The third part is the influence on communication.
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Men and women are the main bodies in social activities. Language is an important tool for people to be involved in the society. Because of the gender difference, there exist many differences when people use language. Thus there is a close relationship between different genders and language use. Although the study of how gender is reflected in language is a recent branch of linguistics, it has developed into a wide field with a considerable number of studies since the first publications of research findings in the early1960s. The research on the relationship between language and gender develops on 4 levels: 1 the gender difference in language form and structure; 2 gender discrimination in language; 3 the gender difference in utterance style; 4 the reasons for gender difference in language. While the first studies in the field focused on differences between the ways men and women talk
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