Gender In Domestic Terrorism Essay

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Domestic terrorism according to the dictionary is defined as “the methodical use of violence or threatening by means of violence against citizens or individuals so as to obtain certain political, religious or an idea in nature by means of coercion, instilling fear in people or by intimidation”
I agree with the author on the article of gender in domestic terrorism. The purpose of the author’s article is to test widely held idea regarding women’s role in terrorism by examining female criminal participation within domestic terrorism”. These idea has a lots to do with gendered stereotypes that have influence on the our policy in domestic terrorism which need further studies in order to increase peoples knowledge in the role of women in domestic …show more content…

Violent crimes committed by women as to gender include murder, terrorism, gang participation and domestic violence. The author emphasized that other crime associated with women, is domestic terrorism. They show that in recent studies, female terrorists now display extreme viciousness and cruelty. It is noted that because some women struggle to meet their economic needs, their participation in terrorism has increased
In my view and as to the issue of gender in terrorism, this is a rare predictor of criminal behavior that has been associated with women knowing the fact that women are home makers and not associated with violence. We know that in comparison, men commit more crime than women. Based on history and other citations presented by the author, I agree with his article on the “gender cap in domestic terrorism especially her view on the idea that Women and Political Violence, were the structural, ideological, and individual factors that have contributed to female participation in political

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