Gun Ownership Summary

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The author, Issit uses statistics to explain why gun advocates believe legal gun ownership accounts for more deaths even though, the gun ownership decreased over the past years. They find gun ownership and violence being a very important argument among individuals in the world. Issit demonstrates the different group of individuals that gun ownership effects. For example, the different intake of the gun control argument has divided groups such as, republicans and democrats. The gun ownership explanation is carefully demonstrated and understandable. Statistics are used equally and widely in the article to explain the decrease of gun ownership. One weakness is the statistic demonstrating the decrease of gun ownership is explained in a confusing way. The individuals that benefit most from this article are gun owners. The writer Issit, presents …show more content…

She uses theories of criminologists and sociologists to go in detail about violence. Harbeck uses statistics to support the crime data she presents in this article. For instance, she used an estimated statistic to demonstrate how many murders occurred in two thousand thirteen. The different crime percentages Harbeck presents are established in a understandable way. She provides terms and concepts at the end of the article, which is very helpful to the readers. One weakness is Harbeck does not give each proposed topic equal support in the article. For example, robbery did not have much detail as the other violent crimes. Harbeck also illustrates a book suggestion in the middle of the article that could have been placed at the end. Any American that is interested in learning more about violent crimes benefits from this article. Karen Harbeck presents the article in an unbiased way. Instead of justifying her input on the topic, she proposes other researchers

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