Gender Representation Of Women In Soccer

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Our ‘single story’ portrays the gender discrimination between men and women in which women are not on par with men in terms of sport and in particular soccer. Families and governments often discourage women from participating in soccer be-cause of its aggressive and masculine nature. Another reason, albeit not so present in today’s society, was that men in ruling bodies had feared women surpassing them in the sport. This deterred the women’s game from progressing further. Media also plays an important role in shaping the opinions of society towards women playing soccer. Media coverage for women sport is observed to be limited even in major competitions like the Olympics 2012 (Martinson, 2014). Representation of women’s soccer and men’s soccer…show more content…
Grassroots programs and strategic investment in infrastructure have been set up to grow young women footballers and diminish the inequality experi-enced by women in soccer. The inclusion of girls in soccer has been significant with regards to the introduction of grassroots programs in New Zealand (FIFA, 2014). Besides altering the ‘single story’ using organisations, perceptions can be reformed on a local and personal level as well. Encouraging friends to support women’s sports teams and to be an active participant may increase women’s standing in sports and soccer. Through social media via the Internet, we can spread the importance of equality in sport with people from the rest of the…show more content…
Elegance has often been associated with football and women’s soccer has been credited to have exemplified that quality whereas men have degraded it somewhat. In recent times, much of the stereotyping has dissipated and acceptance of women in soccer has grown to much effect. Media, on the other hand, has taken the men’s side as it is seen to be a more profitable market. Reshaping mindsets and gaining repute for women’s soccer rests much in the hands of media in contemporary society. Without the media’s coopera-tion and succour - and since governing bodies are contributing to an alternative story already - the ‘single story’ that has defined women’s soccer for many generations will inevitably

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