Bend It Like Beckham Summary

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SUMMARY Bend it like Beckham is a comedy focusing on sports as well as on the British and Indian culture and way of life. It is the story of two ambitious 18 year old girls that both want to pursue a future in professional football. Teenager Jessminder Bhamra (Jess) is crazy about football and has big dreams of playing football professionally, just like her idol David Beckham. Though she only plays football in the park with her friends, she is naturally talented. One day, whilst playing, she is seen by Juliette Paxton (Jules) who plays in a girls football team (Hounslow Harriers) and asks Jess to try out for the team. Even though Joe is sceptical about a new player joining, he soon finds that Jess’ skills on the football field are amazing. …show more content…

Jules‘s mother wants her daughter to be and look more female and is concerned about her daughter interests. She even fears that Jules is attracted to girls since she spends her entire free time with Jess and the girls on the team. Bend it like Beckham gives a small inside view into the Indian and British cultures represented by the two main characters Jess and Jules, who are both 18 years old. Jess is a second generation Indian who was born and raised in England and who is integrated into the western culture and community. She has her own dreams and her greatest passion is playing football which she will not give up for any reason. Her parents, on the other hand, came to England many years ago and never fully integrated. They stick to their religion and traditions and consequently also want their children to preserve their culture. Jess sister Pinky, for example, has to have a proper traditional Indian wedding, with an Indian husband. Jules is the only daughter of her parents. However, in their culture people do not think highly of girls who play football. According to Jules mother, football is seen as a male sport and this should not change. Nevertheless, her father supports

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