Title 9 In College Sports Essay

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In addition, the opponents of Title IX might also agree that football should be withdrawn from the Title IX’s list as women do not play football. Nevertheless, before making the statements that a sport should be eliminated in the Title IX equation due the lack of one gender’s participation, one should consider other sports where there are only a small number of men compared to the women participants. Particularly in volleyballs and field hockey, they are males and females player. However in this case, men participants are outnumbered by the females athletes (Zimmerman). So, should volleyball and hockey be removed from Title IX privileges too? Those who don 't want football counted in participation opportunities say football should stand on its own because there is no equivalent women…show more content…
Finally, one of the issues with the cases made against Title IX is that these sentiments are one-sided. A hefty portion of the articles that condemn the impact of Title IX on men 's athletic fields originated from the one, particularly male whose life was directly affected by the removal of his desire sports in the list of college sports. This was illustrated by Michael Lancaster in the article of “Title IX Laws and Intercollegiate Athletics.” In this composition, he writes about the elimination of track and field at Nicholls State University that later caused his scholarship to be cut (Lancaster). The issue with this article is that Lancaster himself was one of the athletes who were being victimized in the name of Title IX. So, he might be presenting prejudice information against the Title IX as he was one of those athletes who have been affected by the elimination of a sports team. Not only this one, many other publicized articles who are created to speak evil about the Title IX also written by the coaches and athletes who
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