Gender Roles In Society

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What Influences Gender Role Specifics Within Society? Colleen Ann Jardine Thongsook College, July 2016 Abstract The family unit, education, and the media play a huge role in socially constructing genders to into specific behaviors and roles that are the expected and termed “norms” within society. Children are made aware of the cultural and societal norms through subtle messages at a very young age and it has been embedded in them by the age of 4 or 5. Children, being at a disadvantage accept it as a natural form of behavior which has lasting effects, good and bad right into their adulthood. Unfortunately, not all adults realize the true reality and continue the same cycle with their offspring. Introduction What does “social construct” actually mean? Simply put expectations of specific behaviors acceptable and non-acceptable from men and women within the boundaries of cultural and societal norms that are not inherent or natural but indoctrinated from birth. Masculine roles are associated with strength, aggression and dominance whereas feminine roles are connected to passivity, nurturing and subordination. What role does the family unit, education, and media play? This paper will discuss the influences and briefly touch on gender roles, socialization including sexism and gender role enforcement and will then move on the four different language approaches which are the deficit, dominance, difference and dynamic approaches and then finally the

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