General Tso Chicken Essay

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Almost every American-Chinese restaurant has the General Tso chicken as a dish, but not everyone knows the story of this great Americanized Chinese dish, until now. Not all General Tso are made the same, and can be better or worse, the history of the dish, and facts about the General Tso Chicken tells the reader about well known things on the General Tso Chicken this gives more information to make the reader understand the dish more, telling the reader how to make the dish gives the reader more understanding over the dish, and telling why this dish was created, and why this dish became more popular makes them know the origin or story of the dish. The history of this dish is most likely different than what he or she was eating at the restaurant …show more content…

Since the food is unhealthy you would think it is really good, and that 's the case. This was one of the first chickens that American approved of, other than what other Americans liked. General Tso’s chicken is so successful because it is like Chicken McNuggets and sweet and sour sauce so successful. Americans love things which are sweet, fried and chicken. They are basically both combined, and so Americans adore it. It doesn 't tell the same story as the dishes eaten in remote Hunanese villages since this was created here, and they use different cooking methods that are not remote to us, though cooking can be learned, people are not used to changing. The cooking style of Hunanese hasn 't changed for quite a while, and so they pass it down. The vast majority of Hunanese people has still never heard of General Tso 's chicken, and they shouldn’t. The style of the General Tso chicken doesn’t fit. Only the older generation, including Peng Chang-Kuei and the senior chefs, met during the time in Changsha, remember the details of how the dish was created, and acknowledge with a smile that it is an invented tradition. People call the General Tso different names, one is General Tao, which is also used a lot. Some variations of the dish, are ones that Americans

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