Genetic Engineering In Aldous Huxley's A Brave New World

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In A Brave New World before the children are born they are told in their dreams “Every one belongs to every one else”. This brainwashes everybody to feel no freedom, unlike John. The reader can see that in A Brave New World nobody has any freedom to do what they want or have any individuality at all. The lower class (the Gammas, Deltas and Epsilons) are given alcohol before they are born so they get dulled down and the upper class (the Alphas and Betas) can make them complete tasks that may be harmful or just boring. This makes a large amount of their population unable to have new ideas. Their entire civilisation can only thrive because of stability. Because there is no individuality everybody’s ideas are much more limited to what can improve their society. All of the little things that we enjoy they don’t think of. For example, they all play the same sports like obstacle golf, but they are not allowed to build a garden. This is because everybody’s garden can be different and if they had individuality their society could become unstable. Second of all, love. Nobody is willing to do anything for anybody because there is no love. In the A Brave New World there really aren’t many feelings at …show more content…

In A Brave New World, the World State uses genetic engineering for many things such as, creating humans, creating the drug known as soma and changing the intelligence of humans. Genetic engineering can be great, but as you can figure out playing god never ends well. Because nobody has any individual freedom it goes almost un-noticed that everybody does the exact same thing as the rest of their group. For example, the bourgeoisie’s play obstacle golf and sleep with each other, while the proletariats spend their days working. The different classes in BNW could work on paper, but with actual humans who think it’s a whole different story. Because of their system it all falls down to stability and without that their entire society could

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