Genetic Testing For Alzheimer's Essay

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Over 5.5 million Americans of all ages had Alzheimer's disease in 2016 and it is the sixth leading cause of death today. This appalling disease is genetic, which means that it can go through generations of a family. With many diseases having a cure, medical scientist can’t seem to find a cure for Alzheimer’s. People may argue that we are doing enough for the Alzheimer’s disease because we are persisting to search for a cure every day. However, with so many side effects on the patients and furthermore the family of these patients, we legitimately aren’t doing enough for this daunting disease. Scientist do not know the exact cause of Alzheimer’s but they do know genes have some logic to the cause. According to researchers, genetic testing may be helpful when wanting to see the chances of developing Alzheimer's. Also, when someone takes a genetic test, doctors find it easier to plan for the future (Alzheimer’s Association, 2016). Despite the fact that there are an abundance of pros on getting genetically tested for Alzheimer's, a large number of doctors are against the concept of getting tested. This shows that we aren’t doing …show more content…

Alzheimer’s is one out of a big agglomeration of diseases that doesn’t have a cure. According to medical scientist, they still do not know what it is that is causing this awful disease (, 2018). People all over the world are in misery every day, not just patients but family members, because of Alzheimer’s. Although researchers and scientist are trying to find a cure, other analyst believe we need to identify what is causing the disease. The researchers and scientist plan to have the right equipment in 2020 to diagnose and find a cure but an estimated 2.1 million people could develop Alzheimer's while waiting for a treatment (The Washington Post, 2017). Therefore, we could be doing more fundraising and other ways of payment to get the money needed to be closer to finding a

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