Geography Effects On Ancient Greece

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How did geography effect in Greek history? Or in other words what effects did geography have on Ancient Greece positive and negative? Well you could start by saying how the mountains served as natural barriers and divided ancient Greece. The mountains in Ancient Greece had a lot to do with some negative and also positive effects on Greece. Some negative things the mountains did for ancient Greece was that it separated the people and this led to a problem in communication and transportation. The poor nutritional in the Greeks soil and lack of things or items available in cultivation places. This did not help the advance of agriculture which led to famish. Mountains also changed their political systems form Kingdom into the democratic system.…show more content…
This was known to be the home of the 12 gods of ancient Greece. These “12 gods” lived in canyons, which is where their palaces are. The gods and Goddesses of ancient Greece consisted of Titans, Olympians and their children the “demigods’ which possessed good magical powers. The Greeks believed that gods met together in a grand council hall on this mountain and held feasts and talked over affair of the world. They believed that Olympians were their family. This mountain range held banquets and were entertained by music. The entrance to this mountain was a great gate of clouds held by the season. So overall this was one of the positive effects on Ancient Greece. Geography of Greece greatly influenced culture. With few natural resources and being surrounded by water , people then took to the sea for living. Greeks became skilled people and traders. Retaining a plentitude of raw materials for construction. They built some of the most impressive structures in history. Mountains were a big thing but mostly a negative effect on this civilization for agriculture. The Seas were also a very big thing and had a great positive effect on this civilization for food and trading. Mount Olympus was a very big thing, which influenced the Greeks
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