George Jenkins High School Research Paper

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George Jenkins High School is known for their dreadful football team but mainly their revolting bathrooms. High School presents many struggles for teenagers. One of these struggles is prominent in the lives of all who appreciates going to the bathroom with cockroach’s crawling up your leg and urine all over the floor. Nobody in high school seems to understand simple etiquette and manners when using a bathroom. The ideals are often ignored and overlooked for the sake of getting to class on time. Some things have to give for this erratic behavior. The ways to put an end to the repulsive bathrooms are to close down all of the bathrooms, take away hygiene resources, and get the choice room delinquents to clean up the bathroom, and to have a dean’s monitor the bathrooms. Here’s what the principal could start doing; close all bathrooms. Cleaning up the mess takes too much time and money. Just let the teens excrement and urinate…show more content…
For instance there late to class, or if there causing a disruption. They get sent to the choice room. Another solution could be that these juveniles are in the choice room they should do manual labor. They quit school and become the human being that stays in the bathroom and cleans it up all day long. Education is not very important. It’s not like your whole future depends on what you learned in school or something? Certainly with a juvenile in the bathroom all day the bathroom will be clean. George Jenkins bathrooms are gross and need some assistance, but there’s absolutely no chance that the School Board would promote this type of behavior. There’s a way out of the torment that is the school bathrooms. School bathrooms should be managed in a proper manner. For instance, having deans regulate the school bathrooms every other class period that day. Dealing with this issue head on would definitely allow for a positive outcome and better the lives of
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