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A sensitive society has its difficulties for people to even speak out against the issue of bullying, without being interpreted a different way than its original meaning. Bullying and harassment have been a noticeable problem among students in schools worldwide, and still social acceptance and acknowledgment is a continuous issue. Teens are often picked on because of their sexual orientation/preference, appearances, and many other physical or mental factors. One of the main reasons that bullying and harassment is so prevalent among the teen- aged group is because it is so easy for that age group to succumb to competitions within the group as to whom is the coolest. Additionally, what comprises and qualifies as cool is predecided and made a …show more content…

Like most high schools, Madera High has its issues with bullies and harassers. Schools try not to be involved unless the event happens on school grounds, but now, the bullying and harassing can be done easily through social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook. Posting a rude comment on an individual 's social media is a lot easier than having courage and actually confronting someone although both instances are still causing problems currently. Now, with the large dominance and influence of social media it is not hard to witness your own peers being bothered online meaning most actions go unseen except for behind the screen. High Schools are having troubles keeping up with the bullying and harassing on and off school grounds, because even though something is said online, it can still have an effect on a student 's schooling. Some schools are even being sued due to online harassment and bullying. Currently schools are forced to improve and create policies on bullying due to so many different occurrences. Madera High School does not have a significant issue with face to face or online harassment/bullying but it is still an issue. Students attending Madera High have admitted to being a part of online harassment: either contributing to the problem or being the victim of such. Madera High needs to improve their code of conduct, create harsher punishments towards offenders, and make sure the students know there is always somebody there for them when put into such a

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