George Orwell's Animal Farm

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Animal farm is a psychologically in depth account, forcing the reader to take a deeper view of themselves. Throughout this book I was taught that as a situation changes and as characters develop, the morals and rules of a society can bend and be manipulated. I relate to Napoleon with my sometimes rude a malicious behavior. Boxer is a character with the very essence of an overly loyal and ignorant follower. In my visual representation I attempt to use a surplus of symbolism including color usage, character representation and object placement. This book provides characters whose personalities are small snippets of their audience.

In the novel I was shown the antagonist, a clever and manipulative pig, who took complete control of his fellow …show more content…

Boxer was loyal to Napoleon till the day he was killed by his greedy leader. On only one rare occasion did he question authority. He believed almost every word he was told, and never stood up for what he believed was correct and moral. I illustrated Boxer with blinders on to symbolize his trusting nature and also his inability to see anything that is not staring him straight in the face. I depicted him with a boulder strapped to him, this was meant in a literal and symbolic way, Boxer let the fact that he was a work animal get in the way of aspiring to knowledge. Like me, he believed any person in authority was there to protect his good interests. Otherwise why would they be in power? Like Boxer I believe that if I work hard enough I will be able to overcome any obstacle. I am usually unaware of the deeper reasoning, and motives of those around me. While the true nature of a person often slips by me I have a few loving caring people around me to keep me safe from my own …show more content…

Starting on the left-hand side with the pig in a uniform, I illustrated it this way because the navy uniform instantly instills a feeling of respect, the kind that is demanded by a dictator. On his uniform I placed two medals on his left chest. These are the two hero awards he gave himself. On his left arm there is a green band, which is the flag of animal farm, originally with a white emblem on it. Under his right foot is a white puppy this was meant to signify the purity of all the animals, especially the 9 dogs he raised as fierce guards, which he destroyed. Over Napoleon’s head is the final maxim written on the barn wall instead of the seven commandments. I used a red background because the red instills hatred and anger in the mind of the viewer. On the left hand side I showed the original animal farm free of oppression, but if you look closely I drew a “shadow” I drew the horse shadow because Boxer will die from the hard work he subjected himself to. The shadow is boxer’s weak and frail body lying hurt and broken in the matter of years it will take for his muscles to weaken. In the center space I drew myself did this because I feel that I am a somewhat healthy mixture of the two. I colored my shirt orange because orange is a mixture of red which signifies hate, and yellow which signifies a temporary nature. I drew my one hand behind my back suggesting something to hide or an

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