George Smith Patton Jr.: A True Military Hero

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George Smith Patton Jr, was born on November 11, 1885, in San Gabriel, California. Pattons family had a long line of military heritage. He grew up hearing stories of their victories. He strove to become a military hero and attended the military academy at West Point in 1909. Patton and his childhood friend, Beatrice Ayer were married in 1910. He competed in the 1912 pentathlon at the Olympics in Stockholm. He took part in multiple events that included sword fencing, 800 meters horse back riding, a 300 meter free style swim, pistol shooting at 25 meters, and a 4-kilometer cross country run.He came in 5th place overall. Patton taught swordsmanship at the mounted service school in Kansas. Even though he was very good with a sword, he was known

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