Essay On George Washington's Farewell Address

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George Washington wanted the best for his country, so he created a Farewell Address before the end of his presidency. This farewell address was written to give advice for the next generations to follow to make sure America continues to be a strong country. George Washington had experience and went through many situations and he did not want the future generations to follow his mistakes and take his advice. He did not want us to fall into the same situations he did and his advice was valid because he has so much experience. One thing that he has experience with is foreign affairs. Foreign affairs are when you have an alliance with a foreign country. George Washington had great advice and took time to create this long address to help us and no one took it into consideration and now, unfortunately, he would be disappointed with our country today. One of the pieces of advice in Washington’s Farewell Address had to do with foreign affairs. Washington’s advice was to not get strong alliances with foreign countries. This is because if you get too entangled with a country there is no way out unless there's an app brawl. When the country needs your aid in a war, you have to be there for them or …show more content…

He gave great advice and he is the first president and the most experienced than the other 44 presidents. He knew the situations that presidents had to face and no one believed he was right and now they got themselves into a mess that would be even worse if they tried to get out of it. If we listened to Washington and did not create these permanent alliances we would not have to worry about what Trump would do. Trump would not have to do anything if we listened to what Washington said from the beginning. This is a way teaches every a lesson, to listen to the people that have experience and not try to do what you think you know best, most of the time you are not going to be

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