George Wythe's Role In The Constitutional Convention

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Everyone played a very important role in the Constitutional Convention or the signing of the Declaration of Independence. The Constitutional Convention is rather known for attempting to modify the Articles of Confederation, but the delegates came up with the Virginia Plan which divided the powers within 3 branches of government. The signing of the Declaration of Independence is the most significant event in American History. What many may know as 13 of the 50 states of America before were 13 colonies of the British Empire. The Declaration of Independence was a document stating that they are no longer a part of the British Empire, who which they were at war with at the time. Instead they were their own states and independent from the British control. Many people witnessed the signing of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitutional Convention. George Wythe did not play a major role in neither the Declaration of Independence nor the Constitutional Convention, but he does play a role although he does not get recognized. Thus, this paper will address his background, his roles in the conventional constitution, and the signing of the Declaration of Independence. …show more content…

The Constitutional Convention was a gathering between delegates from different states to edit the Articles of Confederation in the year of 1787. Among many of those that attended the Constitution Conventional, George Wythe, delegate of Philadelphia, was one of the ones to show interest of modifying the Articles of Confederation. The reasoning for Wythe for not playing such a major role in the history making event because, he left the proceedings early to go home. At the time Wythe was married and his wife was sick at the time of the Convention. Wythe felt that he wife was more important and he would rather attend to her. Therefore Wythe did not have the privilege to sign the

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