Ghetto Life 101

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You see a glass, is it half full or half empty; how you perceive that will affect your outlook on life. Ghetto Life 101 is where two eighth graders record their daily lives in a 30-minute podcast that was published by NPR. Of Mice and Men is a fiction book that takes place in the great depression, the book was written by John Steinbeck. The characters struggle to reach their goals, they encounter roadblocks, bad influences, and physical danger. George and Lennie dealt with many road blocks, so did Lloyd and LeAlen. “He got kicked in the head when he was a kid.”pg.11 That is a roadblock for Lennie he has a mental disability. But George protects him even though Lennie makes him mad. In Ghetto Life no one had a mental disability. “Selling Drugs.”…show more content…
There are high school dropouts, drug dealers, gangs, friends. There are even bad influences in their own family’s. Like LeAlen’s sister “Like to drink a lot? No I don’t.” His sister openly lied to him about drinking and weed. She is also is a teen mom at 15. She was a good influence when she was 13, but fell into the wrong crowd. Like in OMAM People are bad influences Crooks said their dream will not come true. " Nobody never gets to heaven, and nobody gets no land”pg. 36 He was right at the end George did not get the land and Lennie did not tend the rabbits. The reason they left their first job was because Lennie but them in physical danger. Lennie grabbed Curley's wife's hair and shook her, simultaneously breaking her neck and killing her. Lennie ran away to the brush he knew he was in physical danger. In Ghetto Life gunshots at night is a regular thing “She let off about eight shots. Then I heard the other gun fire off, and we were just still there playing there like nothing happened.” In the short video we watch that went along with Ghetto Life, showed that they have to wake up early and take a longer walk to school because gang territories. In OMAM they do not have to worry about that but they still worry about the
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