Globalization Human Rights

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There are groups of "human rights" in the form of economic rights, labor rights, cultural rights, civil and political rights etc. The globalization is considered to have an [G1] influence on the following rights (Sykes, 2003) as -The admission to the WTO of nations that violate human rights quenches prospects for valuable sanctions to discourage such violations. -Open trade causes production to relocate to areas where ecological standards are negligent and result in environmental deprivation. Likewise, the economical pressures that result from open trade cause supervisors to lose control over local directing matters and hasty a race to the bottom over matters such as social welfare standards, environmental standards, and worker shelter regulation.…show more content…
One angle is that globalization is a means of cumulative the wealth of nations and promoting international trade. However, globalization is a direct cause for the spreading economic gap between “unindustrialized” countries and “established" countries (Waldron, 2010). There is the relationship between globalization and equality and non-discrimination in a more concrete fashion. The two concepts are central to the corpus [G4] besides ethos of human rights instruments and practice. The Universal Declaration and other human rights instruments are undeniable in their declaration that all persons are equal, and that the right to non-discrimination is a bas[G5] ic and fundamental human right.phenomenon of globalization adds greater complexities to this quest, particularly in the economic arena, but also within the context of culture besides seek seasonal employment (United Nations, 1999). industrial pollution and the loss of land to large commercial projects, often financed by TNCs, have given rise to grave problems relating to food security and the health of the rural poor (Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, 1998). It is increasingly becoming clear that it is no longer tenable to draw a…show more content…
Grasping human rights especially economic and social rights is becoming gradually difficult.

One of the most thoughtful challenges that we face as a community of nations is to understand better the emerging socio-economic forces and forms of globalization, to shape them to serve our needs and to respond effectually to their injurious penalties. Human rights can stability forces of globalization[G15] within a just universal legal framework. Upholding balance between globalization[G16] and protection of human rights should be an [G17] urgency. Human rights are what make us human. They are the principles by which we create the sacred home for human pride. Human rights are what reason requires and conscience commands. [G18] [G19]

An illustration of how globalization[G20] has affected people’s basic rights and resulted in people who are forced to leave their homes centers[G21] on the availability[G22] of water. 900 million people in the world do not have contact to clean water. 2.5 billion people have no place to go to toilets —many use the bushes the open fields or near the same rivers where[G23] they drink from.That as resulted putting to death over 3.3 million people around the world annually, mostly children.[G24] [G25]
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