Goldilocks Rhetorical Analysis

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Goldilocks is just another fable, which talks about, making choices. The choices that we make, depends on the changes that occur. It’s your choice to either accept the changes or deny them. Every second of your life requires decision making. Some decisions can be changed later, but some can only be regretted. It’s your choice to decide between becoming a problem-solver and a pessimist in life. The choices that you make while solving problems have to be decided by your mind and never your heart. For, this is the only instance where your heart can go wrong. Things are found from where they are lost. While finding solutions, analyze the problem first. The solution lies inside the problem. Remember, the solution lies inside the problem! If there …show more content…

The previous night before the first hearing at the court, I thought hard about a few phrases, which laid huge trials to the solution. ‘Things are found from where they are lost’, ‘The solution lies inside the problem’, ‘Locks and keys are always made together’. I thought hard, but in vain.
The next morning, Steven was summoned in the court. The letter was cross-checked. Minutes later, the judge began, “The proofs aren’t sufficed. Until the will is brought before me, Steven will be found innocent. And...” Before he could finish, the court heard another voice from behind. “Here is the will!” it said. And I was standing right behind the crowd, with the will in hand!
The will was brought to the judge’s notice. And the entire court awaited to hear what it stated.
‘Steven, my gardener mixed cocaine with my everyday diet for about a month. I feared that I would die of slow-poisoning very soon. Once I overheard his conversation with Adam, the one who supplied cocaine to him. That very night, I got a mild heart attack. I didn’t inform anyone because; I didn’t wish to put their lives into risk. I never dreamt that Steven would try murdering me, to own my house and land. And in the name of Christ, the benevolent, here is my last will, Steven should be punished and the house and the fields should be handed over to Violet.

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