Gone With The Wind Summary

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“Gone with the Wind” Review
(By Margaret Mitchell)
“Gone with the Wind” is a historical romance novel written by American author Margaret Mitchell. The novel is about the life and experiences of Katie Scarlett O’Hara. The author beautifully described about the war, survivals and the slavery.
The story takes place in the southern United States during American Civil War and Reconstruction Era. It begins at “Tara” a huge farm owned by Gerald O’Hara and his oldest daughter, sixteen years old Scarlett O’Hara. Scarlett doesn’t seem very pretty girl but she attracts men with her charm. Although many young men liked her, she only wanted George Ashley Wilkes, her childhood friend and love. She finds a way to tell Ashley about her feelings at his house-dance,
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One night on her way, two men were going to rob her. Though she escaped them, Frank didn’t want them to let go, so he goes to them. Unfortunately the fight ended with Frank’s death. Again Scarlett becomes a widow. In that hard times Frank was beside her. Finally he reveals his feelings and proposes her. She agrees and she became Scarlett Butler after a year. When they returned from their honeymoon she learned that she was pregnant with her third child Eugenie Victoria which she didn’t want. Melanie called her Bonnie. Bonnie was really bright and mischievous girl like her mother. Rhett loved her dearly. He would always say “yes” to her.
One day a rumor about an affair between Ashley and Scarlett was spread. Rhett was offended. Because of his jealousy Scarlett fought with him and it ended up with the accident of Scarlett. She fell down from the stairs and loses her child in her belly. Rhett was regretful and he changes himself for her. He becomes kinder and more
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The author included romance, history and fiction all together. The main character is stubborn and determined. She actually solves all of her problems. Also she achieves her goals all the time. Only thing she is not good at is “love”. It’s good to be strong, but as she gains experiences, she became colder. Away from loving and being loved. That’s why she realized the one and true love very late. My favorite character was Rhett Butler. I liked his sense of humor and strong personality. And I liked Mammy too. Though her character is slave, her personality is very loyal, kind and hardworking. She is like a family to O’Hara’s. The author showed slavery from the good side. It was good to know that there were good owners who were like a friend or family for the slaves. My favorite part is when the author describes Scarlett and Rhett’s new house. It is so funny how Rhett calls Scarlett’s interior choice (architectural horror). I think everyone would say the same thing if they enter a room with red wallpaper and red carpet with black furniture. At the end Rhett leaves her. I know it was difficult to restart after Bonnie’s death, but why? I think everyone’s favorite quote from the book is when she says “tomorrow is another day” in the end. As tough she’s giving hope for the
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