Causes Of Internet Censorship

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Government censorship of internet
Internet censorship has been a significantly debated topic ever since online technology became an undeniably fundamental tool in human life. Over the last three decades, new technology affected people considerably, in almost every aspect of their lives, whether positively or negatively. People now have access to vast amounts of information because of the internet. Therefore, steps to lower its impact on the population had to be taken, and one of the easiest solutions is censorship. “Censorship is the act of suppressing or deleting material considered objectionable.” (Ballaro and DiLascio 1). Since the birth of mankind, censorship was applied on anything regarded as offensive, and became through time, a heavily
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The ease with which pornographic content is found, sometimes even unintentionally, the existence of terrorism sites that mostly attract the youth, and the presence of online predators are terrifying facts for any parent. After taking their presumably proper measures, the system convinces the people that the danger is minimized. However, in reality, the alarming threat still exists, and the parents still worry about their children’s security. Some think that the government’s actions are justifiably the best option for lessening the risks of potential harm. Others disagree and say that education is the best approach to assuring children’s protection from internet exploitation. Teaching children about the possible online threats and raising awareness about social problems such as bullying, terrorism and violence are the most convenient procedures to follow in assuring a child’s protection. Everyone disapproves of the accessibility of harmful and violent sites and of the availability of arms manufacturing designs that stimulate aggression and brutality. Those who support censorship think that this material should be banned. However, rational thinking plays an important part in posting such hazardous information and in resisting the influence of such powerful content. Before the internet, the menaces children could get exposed to now still existed, and the approach to counter them wasn’t provided by the government but by family, school and even social organizations. Parents should have a major role in securing a good education of their children, both academically and socially. It is their job to introduce their children to the society’s structure, to the many miseries in the world and to the many risks they could possibly encounter. Without a proper education, the risk of becoming influenced by sensitive and dangerous
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