Government Curriction Of Internet: Government Censorship Of The Internet

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Government censorship of internet
Internet censorship has been a significantly debated topic ever since online technology became an undeniably fundamental tool in human life. Over the last three decades, new technology affected people considerably, in almost every aspect of their lives, whether positively or negatively. People now have access to vast amounts of information because of the internet. Therefore, steps to lower its impact on the population had to be taken, and one of the easiest solutions is censorship. “Censorship is the act of suppressing or deleting material considered objectionable.” (Ballaro and DiLascio 1). Since the birth of mankind, censorship was applied on anything regarded as offensive, and became through time, a heavily relied on method to counter any sensitive subject, such as sexuality and religion. Whether people are with or against the government’s handling of the situation regarding internet exploitation, it is commonly agreed that the free use of internet threatens everyone due to the presence of diverse controversial and dangerous materials. Often, the protection of children is used as an excuse to promote censorship. Unlike what the government is trying to convince its people, censoring the internet is not the right solution to end its unethical use. The real reason behind government censorship is the grasp of power and the repression of freedom. Educating the children about internet abuse is a better option. The fight against censorship is

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