Government Differences In Fahrenheit 451 And WALL-E

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What if the government had full control over what you say, watch, eat and do? Would you like it or would you feel like your freedom is gone? In Both WALL-E, Fahrenheit 451 and The Veldt, the government and or technology has full control over everything especially the way of life.There are many similarities and differences between Fahrenheit 451 and WALL-E. There are many similarities between the the three movies. One similarity is that the government and or the people or things in charge control what people think. In WALL-E Earth was covered in trash so humans had to move to space on a huge Spaceship called the Axiom. People on the Axiom are controlled by computers and are very obese. In Fahrenheit 451, the Government controls what people …show more content…

One difference between The Veldt, Fahrenheit 451 and WALL-E is the main characters. In WALL-E the robot WALL-E is the main character and it’s a robot. In The Veldt the children are the main characters and they are small kids. In Fahrenheit Montag is an adult fireman. Another difference is that the actions the government or the thing in charge take when things go bad are different. In WALL-E the Autopilot wasn’t trying to kill the Captain it was just trying to avoid going back to earth.. In Fahrenheit the government was trying to kill Montag for killing Captain Beatty and they kill an innocent man to make it look like they killed montag to the public.. In The Veldt the kids killed their parents because they turned the power off to the “nursery” because they were too codependent on the nursery and they didn’t get what they wanted. I don’t think the government should ever have that much power anywhere. In conclusion the government and objects in charge in the three movies are in control of everything and people don’t have freedom, but they don’t realize what bad is happening because they are brainwashed . This paper is important because it gives people a look at what life could be like if the government ever had as much power as the leaders in the three movies

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