Great Depression Dbq

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The Great Depression, which was an economic downfall that started in 1929, lasted about a decade, but what caused it to spread in the first place? There were many key factors that caused the Depression to start, but what really ignited the spread of it internationally was everyone's debt to each other. After World War 1, many countries depended on one another to try and recover because of everything they lost during the war itself. For example, Britain was destroyed completely and had no way of paying for things to be fixed. Their economy was in a slump after war so The United States stepped in to aid. Since America was their backbone, once America fell, they fell with. Another country could be the likes of Germany. Germany lost the war overall, so they had …show more content…

The overproduction of food and the stock market crashing lead to the downfall of economy. The president at the time was
Herbert Hoover, but to many was everything but a president. He did not do much to assist the
American people besides saying it is their responsibility to help each other. This later caused the biggest landslide in American president candidacy. New president, Franklin D. Roosevelt was a ray of hope for everyone. He implemented new programs to fight unemployment rates and to try to bring America in the right direction to get out of the Depression (paragraph 5, line 3). Since
America fell so hard, it then brought the other countries down too. On the other side of the world, they are dealing with things that are way worse than how
America had it. America was not in debt to anyone due to the war, and even came out of the war as a powerhouse. Although, many other countries were in debt and their economy was torn apart.
In attempt to help their own countries, many leaders started raising tariffs or creating some. This stopped international trade across the world because it became harder to trade in

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