Great Depression Dbq Essay

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The involvement of the government in the United States of America’s economy and daily life contributed to the couse of the Great Depression, more known as one of the most tragic and devastating time in the history of our economy. During this time, the nation's economy crashed, which had caused widespread chaos throught the country. After a while of this happening people had completely forgotten about what wealth, development, and terror of the preceding decade because the living conditions were so unfair and there were new problems and circumstances.(Document 6). The crash of the financial markets happened in 1929. During the 1920s, the last exchange experienced a lot of expansion. In the end, it was decided that looking at a stock market was the easiest or best way to make money because of the rapid rise in stock prices (Document 1). An unprecedented rise occurred on the stock …show more content…

As a result, the nation was shaken and terrified. Additionally, it impacted the economic confidence of industries and customers. Leading to the 14 000 000 dollar loss in the stock market (Doc 3). Consequently, a number of businesses, banks, and a other organizations declared bankrupt. In a similar way, the public authority's efforts to become a part of the financial system resulted in more significant harm. Additionally, it ruined the economy. The most tragic and devastating time in history was referred to as this. During this time, the nation's entire economy crashed and burned. After the war, there was an overproduction of everything, which resulted in a drop in all prices, which led to an economy boom. With that boom came a huge crash as people used every opportunity to get cash quickly.(Document 11). Which lead people to gain money and mortgages that they couldn’t afford causing steep amounts of debt. With low levels of employment it made it far much more difficult to pay off their debts(Document

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