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Before the Great Depression, consumer and production peaked in the 1920s. This era seemed incredible but didn’t do well because it lasted about ten years and declined industrial production. A mass percentage of males were unemployed which added all up seemed to change the economy during the 1920s but a ton. A big crisis that is now known as the Great Depression started on October 24, 1929, and it ended in 1939, also known as Black Thursday. There was a significant change in American wives' lives during the 1920s. While wealthy American husbands continued to lead much more luxurious lifestyles than their poor counterparts, there was also a mass unemployment among men which added up and caused an overall decline in industrial production. This era seemed incredible at first, but it only lasted about 10 years before it began to decline.
A lady from Chicago sent first lady Elanor Roosevelt a letter stating, Like thousands of other people, they had lost and used up what they had saved and were forced to go on relief. “Have been compelled to store small [amounts] of things we had, and live in one room which is detrimental to our health. unless we can raise our storage [charge amount] by $28 by 4/10 the things may be sold for storage while not so valuable to anyone else some things cannot be replaced Document 1.” This tells us most …show more content…

In December 1934, there were 19,018,503 People contrasted with 11,086,598 in January 1934, receiving relief from a public agency within the continental United States. Transients were not a part of the deal. Around 25% of Americans were now unemployed and going out of their way, and in other countries, the unemployment rate was a little higher, and Transients meaning like a part-time job-like thing, but it wouldn’t have ended until near the end of the Great Depression. Document

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