Great Depression Dbq Essay

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During the great depression, the United States faced one of the hardest economic crises the nation has ever seen. Before this, the economy was rapidly expanding, and people all over the country were investing in the stock market. However this was not sustainable, by 1929 many investors had seen the stock market to be overvalued leading them to mass sell their shares ( This resulted in an economic collapse that affected millions of Americans. First, it puts a halt to the workforce causing many people to be unemployed, and unable to put food on the table, people even lose their homes and life savings. During this period the nation faces a wave of mass unemployment and poverty, affecting millions of Americans. They also have to provide …show more content…

From that quote, he shows that teamwork played an important part in facing adversity. During the great depression, many lots of land was cultivated and turned into a garden where families would grow crops for their family or sell it cheaply to other families. This is to fight back the struggle for basic needs, such as food. By working together and helping those in need, they were able to overcome many challenges that happened during the great depression but also grew more resilience. Not only did it provide a way for the people to obtain food, but it also provided resources for the war. But community gardens were also a way to visualize how people have adapted to the environment and better changed. The quote“The city is the fastest growing ecosystem” (Eric Bender) Is true, as not only do animals have to evolve to adapt to the changing environment, humans have to as well. During the disaster of the Great Depression, people opted-in to adapt to the current situation, there were limited food supplies and money was hard to option which prompted them to change and adapt by using community …show more content…

While community garden was one of the solutions, they could not have solved everything that happened during the great depression. While the establishment of community gardens during the Great Depression provided a temporary solution to shortages of food, it did not address the deeper economic and social factors that caused the crisis in the first place.” While it is evidenced that the community garden in this study contributes to individual, household, and community food security, additional help is needed in the form of education, policy, and funding to increase food security and promote healthy lifestyles” (Corrigan, 2011). Community gardens alone could not tackle the bigger problems that existed at the time, such as poverty, unemployment, and economic injustice. Furthermore, not everyone had access to these plots of land or a community garden to participate in, and without proper training, many were bound to fail. While it did help aid the Great Depression it could not have solved everything at the

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