Greek And Roman Architecture Essay

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The Roman and Greek civilizations have many elements in common , both of them have flourished in the field of architecture , art philosophy and science , because both of them occurred very close to each other so they were influenced by each other , to be more specific the Greeks have been influenced by other cultures , and have influenced the Romans , so they have many similarities and differences in these fields . Both Greek and romans flourished in Architecture and art , starting by architecture , the columns in both civilizations were one of three styles or what we call orders , Doric , ionic , and Corinthean . With decorated roofs over these columns , pediments . The basic structure of the temples has been adapted from the Greeks with …show more content…

But when the Romans built the Pantheon , they used the Corinthean order for it's columns . The Greeks used the post and lintel , or the trabeated system many times , but the Romans relied on the arches , and made them more perfect than the Greeks did . Also the material used in the construction of their buildings were different depending on the available and more reliable material . So the Greeks tended to use the well carved marble , granite and limestones in building , but for the Romans these material wasn't commonly used , or wasn't used to build th structure itself but could be used for decoration , they rather used the concrete and mud bricks and that helped them in the construction of arches . According to the geographic difference between them , the way they constructed their cities varied . The Greeks lived in mountains and hills which made them live in peaceful cities , cities built without walls . But the flat land nature in Italy made the conquers easier to occur and raised many wars between their cities until they unified under one empire , so their cities built with walls to defend it's nations

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