Greek Medicine Research Paper

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The Growth of Medicine
Prior to the fifth century there was only literary evidence of ancient Greek and Roman medicine. These literatures express the practices during classical and Hellenistic periods of the ancient world. These practices were distributed throughout the Greece, Mesopotamia, and Egypt civilizations, which created similar rituals throughout those areas. Greek literature expressed knowledge and importance of communicable diseases (Rosen A). The Christian era was a foundation for Roman medicine. Opposite of Greece, the Roman Empire had little literature about medicine. Religion and beliefs also played a role in Greek medicine. They would pray to god when someone was sick or wounded for help, support, and guidance. The Greeks believed …show more content…

They had adopted and been influenced by ancient Greek and Roman medicine and practices. Such as, diagnostic techniques, therapeutic procedures, and they’re beliefs on disease and treatment topic. Health Problems were also solved by magical and religious practices. (Rosen B) By the sixth century, books and literature in Greek were translated into Latin for easier understanding for medical practice. Medieval Christianity was another popular practice during this time. Christian medicine believed in the “fundamental connection between disease and sin” (Rosen B, pg. 29) They believed that “sickness is divine” (Lindberg B) and is meant to be either for a sin that was committed or to inspire spiritual belief. Medieval Christianity believed that cures for illness was purely spiritual not physical. Due to the Christian belief during the medieval era the spread of hospitals …show more content…

History revealed from Lindberg and Rosen about Greek and Roman sanitation, medicine, and societies show the first steps of public health during those times. When medieval beliefs appeared, ancient Greek and Roman beliefs were challenged, and beliefs of sorcerers and magic healings replaced. The transatlantic exchange of the Americas provided new information and culture of trade, societies, and disease to the Indians living in the Americas. New science brought new techniques, beliefs, and cultures to

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