Gun Control Argument In Today's Society

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Gun Control Gun control is a major argument in today’s society. When discussing guns, most are highly against them. Not only are they used for a defense mechanism but are also used to provide a source of food to the public. Whether being a complete ban or people being forced to get a background check in order to purchase an armed weapon. While guns are banned, people will look for anyway they can to use guns, which leads to stealing and more possible deaths or injuries. Guns are important not only for self-defense or sport but to keep our country under control. Everyone wants to be able to defend themselves and the things they love when it comes down to it. If a random stranger breaks into a house in the middle of the night threating the …show more content…

With guns being banned laws will be broken more often than normal. In Chicago, the murder rate went 25% higher when guns were banned (4). When prohibition of alcohol was introduced it did not work, people still found ways around it. It didn’t work for drugs and most likely will not work for guns either (4). Prohibition in any form never seems to work, the law is always going to be the law and people are always going to break them. Hunters are very offended by these prohibition acts of gun control. Not all people use these fire arms for a defensive item but to put food on their families’ tables. Guns have always been around in today’s society; they have saved our country and made it what it is today. Taking away rights not only hurt what defense we have with them but it takes away the sport and enjoyment of those who hunt (1). Taking away from the second amendment and not having the freedom of using guns as we please or when they are in need is not fair. Guns are not meant to be banned. Background checks need to be enforced now that this has come to be such a huge ordeal. Keeping everyone and their safety in mind is very important. Communicating in ways to compromise that gun control is not for our government needs to be addressed. The second amendment needs to be set in

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