Gun Control Debate Essay

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Racial issues become an increasing problem with gun violence. Yes, racial issues are the most popular issue today. It has been said that the racial divide in gun debates has been brought to the table, but there was nothing about it. People cannot have a protest without violence coming upon this situation. Almost everyday, there is someone dying over race issue because of what they are. We, Americans, should be united as one, not against one. There’s has been violence from Chicago, Illinois to Charlotte, North Carolina and even Washington, D.C. Many of you believes that if African-American has a gun than they’re dangerous. Why should it even matter what skin color you are to be dangerous? Many of you might say that this discussion should not …show more content…

I am strongly with the idea of gun control. I will propose to get 5% of taxes off of our checks toward more restriction on gun control. It might sound bad, but I believe it will help make our children in our homes, restaurants and schools safer. I will propose this speech towards Congressman to get the gun control approve. I will not rest until it has been approve. I know some of you believe that this proposal is breaking the Second Amendment. I am not intending to take away your rights. I am trying to make more secure in a safe environment. I want to have less gun stores to be available in all states. I am going to do that by passing this towards Congress for the approval. I want the system to be how you would get a driver license to getting a gun as well. I want people to go to classes for the safety reason of having a gun. I also want people to see that having a gun is very dangerous and we must be very careful on what we use it for. The age limit on getting a gun should be the age of 30 years old. I believe 30 years old is more of a major age to have ownership on a handgun. I also want to have background restriction on getting a gun. I want the background check to be at least majority clean. If we see that you have more than 3 criminal crimes convicted, then you will not be allowing to have a handgun. It will not matter what gender or race you are. You can buy a handgun because you have the right

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