Gun Control Effects

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Effects of Gun Control in America People assume that preventing people from buying and owning firearms reduce crimes, when the fact is gun control is not always good for communities and it does not lower the amount of violent crimes caused by firearms and weapons in society. The right to own firearms and weapons as an individual has been an issue for a while, and it dates back all to the creation of the Constitution. As a Second Amendment right, many Americans believe that citizens should have access to firearms, as well as the right to own firearms. Many other Americans disagree due to the amount of suicides, shootings, and other crimes that occur including firearms. People’s ability to gain firearms and weapons can be a concern to society,…show more content…
In “a three-year study by the National Institute of Justice”, “1,800 convicted felons… confirmed that criminals strongly fear meeting armed resistance by potential victims” and “74% said they believe burglars avoid houses where people are at home because they're afraid they'll get shot; 39% said they personally had called a halt to a particular planned crime because they feared the victim might be armed”, which proves how vital self-defense can be (Harris). Owning firearms deters criminals from committing crimes and this can help protect communities. Taking away this deterrent is another negative effect of gun control and it shows why the laws taking away gun rights should not be used in the United States. Not only do gun control laws take away a form of protection from people, it also creates a demand for more police to help society stay safe. In states where “the right to bear arms is” practiced, “it reduces the demand for a police state” and “when people are incapable of protecting themselves, they become either victims of the criminals or dependents of the state” by using resources that would otherwise not be needed (Levy). Having firearms allows us to protect ourselves, leading to less need for police. Gun control will prevent citizens from being able to protect themselves, leading to more resources used by the police and state. Many people who would need to protect themselves would not be able to if the repressing laws of gun control were allowed to be passed. Effects of “gun control keeps guns out of the hands of… the people who are most in need of self defense” and protection (Cottrol). If people who need to protect themselves the most cannot protect themselves, the amount of crimes and victims will rise. If gun control is not enacted, we can prevent the
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