Gun Control Laws Debate

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Different parts of the country have separate views regarding gun control laws. Such as, Americans from the south may say current gun control laws are fine, and Americans in the north may say they need to be stricter. Some would even say guns need to be banned all together. If an individual’s ultimate goal is to commit bodily harm to someone, they are going to do it whether they have a gun or not. However, normal procedures for purchasing a gun such as waiting periods, gun registrations, and background checks are sufficient for keeping guns from those who mean to do harm. Some states require a waiting period to purchase a weapon. Some states have longer waiting periods than others do. Waiting periods do not prohibit the purchase or sale of firearms, but it does regulate the sale of firearms. In 2012, 64% of reported gun deaths were from people committing suicide ( Waiting periods to purchase a firearm can be lifesaving for someone attempting suicide. In a CBS News and New York times poll based off gun owner’s views towards wait periods, 87%-89% were in favor of wait periods (Wolpert 248). This shows that current gun owners believe wait periods have assisted in stopping those meaning to commit last minute gun violence. When purchasing a firearm from a dealer, over 15 …show more content…

However, their current gun related homicides are 10% higher than last year ( The state of New York has shown increasing gun control laws will not decrease violence. Current gun control laws like waiting periods, gun registration, and background checks have proven to keep firearms out of the hands of those meaning to create violence. Therefore, there is no need to increase the current gun control policies. Some would argue that America needs stricter gun control laws to decrease violence. However, strong enforcement of the current laws will ensure the safety of

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