Gun Control Is Bad Essay

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Around the world there are many things that have been happening with guns and racism. In today’s society gun control and racism have been talked about a lot. There are many forms of gun control and racism. There are many reasons why racism and gun control shouldn’t be a thing. Gun control shouldn’t be a thing because that is a way to protect yourself from people that are trying to hurt you. Racism shouldn’t be a thing because everyone should be treated the same even if they aren’t the same skin color as someone else. There are many forms of racism around the world. Racism has been going on for a long time, it started in about the seventeenth century and is still around today. There are different from’s of racism. One type of racism is racism by skin color. This type of racism is the most common in America. The most …show more content…

There are two clear sides to this battle and that is people who are for gun control and people who are against gun control. People that are for gun control might argue that it will make the U.S a safer place and the crime rate will decrease. In a study that took place, it showed that the crimes committed with firearms has been steady decreasing since 1998 (Stell 2004). Basically the statistic is saying that crimes with firearms are becoming less likely to happen. Some people may argue that without guns society will be a safer place. In all reality more strict guns laws will not make society a safer place. Take New York for an example, they have had very strict guns laws for a long time, but they still have one of the highest crime rate in the nation. Even if there were really strict gun laws across the nation, it wouldn’t really matter because people can still make firearms and ammo. On average it takes about 9 minutes for police to respond to emergencies. In an article the author

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