Guns & Government Oppression

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When applying Constitutional law to current criminal cases, the Supreme Court will often cite the Founding Father’s intentions for Amendments. In 1776, the major concern to safety was a tyrannical, overarching government. Thus, the 1st amendment protects your freedom to any ideas and the open expression of them. To protect this idea of free expression, the Founding Fathers followed the first amendment with a law that gives citizens the Constitution right to protect their opinions. Some might be quick to say, “A lot has changed since the Second Amendment was ratified. There’s no need for a militia in modern, democratic America.” This argument is littered with naive trust in a government and officeholders. Many people forget, the people of Germany voted Hitler and the Nazi Party into power. …show more content…

According to an article titled 8 Examples of Guns & Government Oppression, written by Dusty Gibson and posted on the Guns and Ammo Network website, Athens, Tennessee was the sight of a historic standoff between 3000 armed veterans, returning to a town rampant with civil rights breaches and political intimidation caused by the county’s sheriff, and 200 deputies in which the armed, former soldiers were able to deliver political order back to their town. The United States Supreme Court has also recently decided the Second Amendment cannot be interpreted to only apply to militias, as times have indeed changed since the late

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