Haines V. Hanes Case

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(This is our superintendent today) Imagine seeing you and your kids being struck by a bus that could’ve killed you. Mr. Samuel S. Haines had this happen to him. He was the victim,also the plaintiff whenever he called suites on this accidents. The case was held at the Tennessee State Court. In the Tennessee State Court website, the text states, “It is the mission of the State Court of Henry County to do justice, as nearly as possible, to all persons coming before our Court, and to the community at large.” On October 4,2005, in Paris Tennessee, Mr. Samuel Haines was struck by a bus from the Henry County Board of education. Mr. Haines at first tried to stop and apply his brakes when the car …show more content…

But, after the accident the plaintiff reported back pain, so he went to Dr. Gulish. Years after the accident he was still experiencing pain. Dr. Gulish found some signs that could have caused him pain, but an anonymous call said that the plaintiff was selling his prescribed medicine. But, no real evidence was found. The plaintiff did this because he wanted the judge to think it caused major injuries to him so that he would win the case. Plus, it makes the fines increase. “The court then went on to award damages to Plaintiff of $10,000 for past physical pain, mental suffering, and loss of enjoyment of life; $15,000 for future physical pain, mental suffering, and loss of enjoyment of life; $8,700 for past medical expenses; $12,000 for past lost earning capacity; and $10,000 for future lost earning capacity. The court found that the Henry County Board of Education was 90% at fault for Plaintiff’s injuries, and the unknown driver was 10% at fault. As such, the court awarded Plaintiff $50,130 from the Defendant. The Defendant timely filed a notice of appeal to this …show more content…

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