Hamlet Over Thinking

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Hamlet was an intelligent character, but I thing personally if made him maybe over think things a little more than he should have. The over thinking I feel like made him make poor judgements towards certain things. One of the things Hamlet over thought was Claudius marrying his mother, Gertrude, two months after his father dying. At one point, Hamlet rehearsed a reenactment over a character poisoning someone’s drink and killing them, he inferred that scene as being Claudius killing his father. He tried to give the idea to everyone that his father was murder by Claudius so that Claudius would be able to marry Gertrude. A good example to relate Hamlet’s overthinking towards something more recent today is the way media over thinks everything being …show more content…

Therefore, he didn’t really ever listen to what people had to say or the advice he was giving from some of the characters. If Hamlet would have accepted the fact that he was in love with Ophelia rather than act like they would never be together. I feel Hamlet would have been a little better off just because he would have Ophelia there for him. Instead, he didn’t stay true to himself about the situation, so he was fighting himself which resulted in sending her away. It is like the way that teenagers today approach things. When teenagers don’t want to listen to their parents. If teenagers would just take the time to listen to their parents and accept the fact that they are trying to help you rather than fuss at you. Teenagers always want to just be right and argue over the little things because it makes them feel “cool.” What they don’t realize is that they are making the situation harder for themselves. Just as Hamlet was did when he couldn’t get over the fact that his mother loved Claudius. Hamlet couldn’t get over the fact that they were married and drove him to the point where he ended up killing Claudius in the bedroom. If Hamlet would accept the fact and just move on and stop being hard headed. It is so hard for teenagers to take advice because they get to the age where they think that they may know everything but in reality they don’t know much about life. I believe one of the biggest fights Hamlet was having was the one with himself, just because he didn’t listen to other people’s opinions nor did he listen to his own thoughts. The only thoughts he really listened to was the thought of getting revenge against Claudius. The thoughts he listened to were all the thoughts that were going to end in a bad

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