Were Hamlet's Actions Justified

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Were Hamlet’s actions justified, or were they not? So, to first start off Hamlet has been really depressed because of recent events in which have happened in his life his father who was the king had mysteriously died, and Hamlet’s uncle Claudius has gone out to marry Hamlet’s mother Gertrude in hopes of being the king to rule over. Claudius has decided to take King Hamlets spot over to rule over. So, this understandably upset Hamlet a lot. Just like any other sane person, just imagine your father being killed by your uncle then marrying your mother… I don’t really think that would go down well with anyone and alas, something had to be done about it.
Needless To say, Hamlet embarks on a journey to avenge his father by taking down Claudius once …show more content…

Even though he did what his father had told him to do but not in the manner that he would thought to get it done. So, to the real question Was Hamlet’s actions justified. My answer to that were no although hamlet did kill Claudius he didn’t have to do it in the way he did also in fact he also killed Polonius whilst thinking that it was Claudius. There could have been some way of an assassination attempt for him to kill Claudius, but he also had to kill Claudius while he was doing a bad deed like orchestrating a battle. What is trying to be understood here is that although Hamlet did end up killing Claudius he could have done it in a much, much, different way than which was achieved in his goal of avenging his …show more content…

So, remember back when I said that all of the other deaths besides Claudius weren’t his doing it’s because they weren’t, you see even though he did not have any physical contact with the deaths all of the people were there to witness Hamlet’s avenging which means that he could have had better plans and means to avenge the king like the moment in the bedroom when he stabbed through the curtain only to find that it had been Polonius all along what he could of done instead of charging into the curtain was to find another way to check who was in the curtain too. And back to Hamlet’s duel with Claudius he could have done it in a different setting privately in a room with no one else so he could report the news to everyone else while not facing the death of loved ones and those around him including himself so that is why my whole heartedly opinion is that hamlet’s actions were NOT

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