Hamlet's Last Soliloquy

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“To be, or not to be: that is the question” (3.1) these lines from the well-known play of Hamlet reflect on Hamlet feelings that he reveals in his speech. The opening words of Hamlet speech are so interesting but also because Shakespeare ranges around several words about his language for his images, and because he’s dealing here with profound concepts, putting complex ideas into the mouth of a character on a stage, communicating with an audience with a wide range of important levels. The question for Hamlet was whether to continue to exist or not – whether it was more noble to suffer the slings and arrows of an unbearable situation, or to declare war on the sea of troubles that afflict one, and by opposing them, end them. To die. He pondered …show more content…

“To die or to sleep, to sleep, perchance to dream” (3.1) Hamlet uses several soliloquies in his speech in act 3, scene 1. Hamlets try to get his attention to the audience with his lack of power with his words. Hamlet uses death and living as an example in his speech. Death is empowering: killing oneself is a way of taking action, taking up arms, opposing and defeating what hamlets is aiming for. Living is a passive state so therefore in order to reach the condition of death one has to take action in life. After living and death it’s to sleep and as Hamlet us it throughout the book ‘To die, to sleep"(3,1). He makes it seem as sleep is to dream and dream reflects on us. All together it makes a living life. In the book Shakespeare words are familiar to what uses are in the world today. The insights that this book provided throughout Shakespeare and when Hamlet was giving his speech, the themes were all the same and where like a symbol to death. As to night, darkness, or even suicide all come up to Hamlet explaining to die, is to sleep, and to sleep is to dream. In these soliloquys Hamlet use life as another example and how is annoys him “the whips and scorns of time, the oppressors wrong, the proud men’s contumely” (3.1). Hamlets doesn’t like the way things are but however life is prevented from anything about fear of the

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