Harley Davidson Case Study

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3.1.3. Opportunities of Harley Davidson:
1. Asian & Europe Markets: The demand of the Harley Davidson in the developing Asian & European nations is increasing. There are very less number of players competing the Harley in this segment. Thus, it is a very attractive opportunity for Harley to capture these Asian & Europe markets aggressively.
2. Women & Young Riders: The Harley Davidson Company can use its increased marketing efforts to further increase the customer base by marketing towards untapped segments. For example, women riders were purchasing about 15,000 motorcycles in 2000. After 5 years, the sales of Harley bikes to women had jumped to over 30,000 motorcycles per year. In 2006, women accounted for 12% of all bike sales. For young riders they made slogans- “Screw it. Let’s ride” – are too loud.
3. Expand globally: To increase their marketing more, they transform their manufacturing, product development, services expansion, retail capabilities and expanding demographics.
4. Lower CC bikes: With their own set of loyal & cult followers, they can attract the young customers for whom if they can launch low end heavyweight vehicle which will help the company to increase its Customer base.

3.1.4. Threats of Harley Davidson:
1. Product Substitution: The companies in heavyweight segment going global like Yamaha, Royal Enfield, Vector Motorcycles, Triumph Motorcycles, Indian motorcycles these substitutes with their low price offering can affect the overall business of
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