Harold And Maude: Film Analysis

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Although the quality of an actor’s performance is generally subjective, certain performances on film have been deemed extremely noteworthy due to their ability to impress various audiences and film critics. The characters within these performances differ in terms of appearance and personality; however, specific qualities within the actors that play their roles remain common throughout. For example, actors that display emotions realistically and react naturally to fictional circumstances within performances often tend to achieve more success. Anthony Perkins’ portrayal of Norman Bates in Alfred Hitchcock’s film, Psycho, rests among some of the greatest performances on film along with Bud Cort’s portrayal of Harold Chason in Hal Ashby’s film, …show more content…

Although the films Psycho and Harold and Maude differ greatly in terms of plot, both actors use similar tactics, which in turn make their performances impressive. Anthony Perkins’ performance in Psycho remains memorable not only because of his impressive ability to display Norman as a character, but also because his personality and acting style fit the role adequately. His performance, along with the plot of the movie, incite fear within the audience. As a result, when the film was initially released, it generated great success. Similarly, Bud Cort’s performance remains memorable not only because he acts realistically, but also because he fits the role of Harold. However, unlike Hitchcock’s Psycho, the plot of Hal Ashby’s Harold and Maude remains comedic. Though Harold and Maude did not receive much attention when it was first released due to the unique circumstance of Harold and Maude’s relationship, the idea of the film eventually began to grow on audience members. As Harold’s performance within the film became recognized, the film gained popularity. Both Anthony Perkins and Bud Cort are responsible for the success of their respective films. Without their __ performances, Psycho and Harold and Maude would not have been able to achieve as much success as they did. These films, due to their stellar acting and fascinating plots, will always remain

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