Heaven And Hell In Christian Thought Analysis

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“Because with every action, comment, conversation, we have the choice to invite Heaven or Hell to Earth.” Quoted by Rob Bell. After reading the article Heaven and Hell in Christian Thought I could not help but think of that quote, which is on my desk at home. There are so many different views on what heaven and hell may be like and I agree that we should consider that but you can live in constant thought about that, I believe that you can make a difference here on Earth and you have the power to make your life a heavenly place or a hellish place just by your actions. This article had so many different ideas and views that some I agreed with and some I just could not grasp. The idea of the three inconsistent propositions that is a major focus of the article, seems to be very interesting. The first is All humans are equal objects of God’s unconditional love in the sense that God sincerely wills or desires to reconcile each one to them to…show more content…
I will admit I have personally wondered about how that would be if you were in heaven but say your cousin that you loved deeply was in Hell. Would t take away from your heavenly experience so to speak or would God put a bubble around that so you would not feel the pain of knowing they are suffering. According to the article it truly depends on the view of the believers how they want to see that but I would want to believe that God would not take away the bliss of heaven by making the souls sad about loved ones making decisions that did not place them in heaven as well. Would Heaven get boring after time, there are many views on this in the article. I loved the line “as Paul hinted in Ephesians 2:7 , in this ongoing process of creation and revelation”, that is how I would think that heaven would be. That there could not be a way to get bored because it is always getting recreated and new, interesting people are
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