Heidi W. Durrow's The Girl Who Fell From The Sky

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In the book The Girl Who Fell From The Sky by Heidi W. Durrow, is centered around the main characters and their efforts of defining what family means. Due to the traumatizing event that happened to them, their unfamiliar environment and, the image that society has label onto them, which led the main characters to question themselves what does family means. Both of the protagonist in the story suffers from the traumatizing event that had happened to them by the cause of their family. When Rachel was still a child, her mother always told her that she will always be there to protect Rachel, however, that was not the case. Rachel's mother pushed Rachel and her siblings off a 9 story building. Due to surviving the horrific event, Rachel found …show more content…

For that reason, it left Brick traumatized because he is afraid that his mother’s friends will take everything he cherished away, like how they took his mother away and always left him home alone. For that it caused Brick to searched for the meaning of family from the people that surrounds him, due to the fact that he never got to experience what a true family was. In the lines of “he took the love she gave, the broken pieces of affection” and “only then did Jamie see the familiar marks on his mother's arm and the haze that she seemed to be seeing” ( Durrow 39, 40). Reveals the incomplete love that Brick is given at home and how he is exposed to the abusive relationship his mother has with her “friends.” By the caused of his parents lack of parenting in Bricks life, it portrays how Brick is left to pick up the broken pieces of love that is rained on to him and how he has to manipulate the idea of family from his surrounding into his broken

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