Frost King Helen Analysis

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After learning and spelling these words, Helen herself felt a happiest child for the first time and Waiting for new day to come. The arrival of Anne Sullivan filled the life of Helen with enthusiasm and courage. She also taught Helen about the NATURE. They both went to fields and banks of the river to feel the beauty of nature. When moving towards woods Helen could feel birds, flowers, blades of grass etc . Helen started enjoying the wonderful phase of her life. Helen have yet saw only the beauty of nature, she could not have thought that nature can be too cruel also. On a stormy day Helen was sitting alone in woods, the lessening of sun’s heat and terrible shaking of trees horrified Helen very badly. That incident made a deep effect on her…show more content…
Helen was writing a story after she learnt to speak. She was quite impatient to show her great victory in front of her family. After completed her story, she read it to her family and friends. They were astonished to know that she could right soo well.with the help of this story ‘frost king’ Helen gave a tribute to Dr.Anagnos. This story was unexpected gift for Dr Anagnos. Dr Anagnos believed that Helen have wrote this story with her imagination .He published the story in the name of Perkins institute. The publication of story gave Helen immense happiness..But aftrt that a fact came into light that this story has been appeared earlier also before the birth of Helen.’The Frost Fairies’ by Miss Canby and ‘The Frost King’ by Helen Keler both stories were inter-related with each other. It was completely evident that Helen keler story was a plagiarism. Everyone doubted Helen and looked her with suspicion. This incident shattered the fantasy of Helen. Deeply troubled anagnos still believed the innocence of Helen. To move on from this incidence Helen went to a party, a teacher asked Helen few questions about her story.. and tried to make Helen confess that she had read mrs canby’s story anagnos turned a deaf ear towards the innocence of Helen. Helen was also presented in court regarding this scandal. She was cross questioned in front of 7 members. Their aim was to make her acknowledge that she knew miss canby’s story. That night she…show more content…
She is still remembered as an advocate.she worked hard on people with disabilities and numerous other causes. In 1915, she inaugurated HKI-Helen keler institutional organization which she devoted in research to vision,health and nutrition. She travelled many foreign countries.
Helen wrote various pieces of writings, the earliest publication was The frost king in (1891). She wrote her autobiography in 1904 (the story of my life). In 1964, Helen was awarded by president Llyndon B.Johnson, The presidential medal of freedom. Helen left this world at june 1,1968 at her home in Connecticut. She became the role model of many,and also became the part of mant tv serials and movies also. She was listed in gallup’s most widely admired people in 1999 and in 2009 at united states capital building helen’s statutue was revealed. Her life has always been a source of inspiration to many. WORKS CITED
KELER,HELEN the story of my life,
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