Hercules And Hope

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Fortunately hope is abundant in our world especially in well off area, but that is not the case for everyone.Despair is a foreboding word that tends to hold the connotation as failure and misery. Despair, a sinister word that exist in the english dictionary to represent the time when someone gives up hope. Despair means the loss of hope, and hope means the faith that one puts in their future. Therefore Despair is when one loses faith in their future. A path with no future is equivalent to death. This world contain despair in unpredictable disasters, wrongdoers, and death, but despite having a foreboding image despair can’t manifest itself and the minds of people unless they acknowledge that it is there. In everyday lives and also in the fantastic…show more content…
In the prologue of his myth, before his twelve labors, It was said that Hercules once lived happily in the city of Thebes. but one day under the curse of Juno-who hated him for he was the illegitimate child of Zeus and his mom- Hercules went insane and killed his family. As a result of this Hercules fell deep into the pits of grief and despair. Losing all meaning of life he goes consult with an oracle. There the oracle shows points hercules towards the direction of his future and gives him the twelve labors. Hercules successfully completes the twelve labours which brings him fame. It wasn’t his background that made him famous. It wasn’t his crimes nor his good deeds. It was the future that he believed in that lead to his name to be pass down for generations and…show more content…
While it is true the person feeling the despair is the result of the future that one sees but a despair can also be shared with those close to you. Even if it is for the good, or for the bad, futures are tied deeply with those around you. This means that you can try to find the oracle of your life to make yourself who you truly should be. Another aspect of this idea is the inspiration that people can give by sharing the experience of escaping grief. This aspect grows and prospers in this modern world where lives are interconnected through social media. Since this aspect so frequent that it may not be noticed but one can also find there oracle through social
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