Heroic Characteristics Of Odysseus In Homer's The Odyssey

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The Odyssey The Odyssey is a book written by Homer around 750 B.C. In the Odyssey, the main character is Odysseus. It is a story of Odysseus’s journey home. A trip that should have taken just a few weeks ended up taking him 10 years. He encounters many great gods, goddesses, and monsters on his way home. There is also the story of his wife, and the suitors trying to marry her. Throughout the story, Odysseus exhibits many heroic characteristics, such as bravery and being admired for great achievements. Let’s starts with Odysseus. He is the king of Ithica. He is forced to go fight in the Trojan war. While he is there, Odysseus exhibits many heroic traits. For starters, he is very brave. He fights with his men, and has quick wit. After the war, …show more content…

Odysseus is greatly admired all throughout his travels. He is a war hero. He is a king. He stood up to gods. People have written songs about him. He tells his stories to kings and gets ships to help him on his journey. People in Ithica love him so much, that they waited 10 years and refused to believe that he died in the war. People respect him because he is humble and kind towards everybody. His wife refuses to remarry. His crew respects him and (mostly) follows his orders.. Even the gods admire him for his achievements and help him get home. It seems that almost everywhere he goes, people know him. One good example is how his wife refuses to marry any of the suitors. She admires Odysseus so much that even though it has been 10 years since he was supposed to be home, she never remarries. Another example is how the gods help him. They respect Odysseus. Some of the gods even want to make him immortal. He met two gods who want to marry him. If that’s not admiration, then nothing is. In conclusion, Odysseus is obviously a hero. He is brave, and admired by almost everybody for his great achievements. He fights in war, deals with gods, fights monsters, and he also has to help his men. If he wasn’t brave, then he would have never made it home. Being admired also helped him. He spoke to kings who gave hime ships because of his story. His home land never gives up on him. Some of the gods help him get home. Being

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