High School Basketball Experience

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It was my senior year of high school, I was expecting a really fun and successful year of basketball. I had awesome teammates and coaches. Little did I know a huge change was about to occur, and I never saw it coming. This change caused me to learn more about working well with people I don’t agree with, and embracing change; than I did about basketball. I would love to write every detail about my experience playing high school basketball, but it would take all year to write. I started playing high school basketball my sophomore year. My first two years, I had an amazing coaching staff making me better every day. My varsity coach, who for privacy reasons we will call Coach C., was everything I could ever ask for in a great coach. He …show more content…

She couldn’t have been more wrong; they are nothing alike. Unlike Coach C., at first she was not funny, or personable. She did get better the more I got to know her, but I never was as comfortable around her as I was around the entire old coaching staff. She also coached basketball completely different than Coach C. Her strategies and ideas were almost opposite. She is a nice person and we get along ok outside of basketball, but we on the court. A few examples of what my team and I didn't like about her was her organization, the way she spoke to the players who she didn't think had as much value to the team, and how she wasn't very encouraging. The biggest thing we didn't like about her and the thing that made her the most different from Coach C. was when times were tough, or if we had a bad practice, she would quit on us. I remember vividly the first time she cut a practice short because she was frustrated that we weren't getting something she was trying to teach us. The reason I remember it so well is because I couldn't believe what had just happened, everyone on my team was furious that she gave up on us. Coach C would have stayed until we got what he was teaching, sometimes until 10:30 at night or even later. The thing is, Coach C. could explain something once and most of the time everybody would

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