High School Persuasive Speech

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Most people can remember an event from their teenage years that they wish had never happened. Also we have all probably gone to extreme measures to try and cover up our wrong doings. Have you ever done something to keep your self out of trouble that might actually get you into more trouble? Well I did just that and it lead me on an adventure I will never forget! It was 8:45 when I pulled into the parking lot at school just in time to hear the final bell ringing. I thought to myself: great now I’m late for the third day this week and that only means one thing, lunch detention. Not only will I be forced to eat a cold bagged lunch in solitude, but I’m going to have to explain to my parents why I subjected my little brother, Tyler, to the same …show more content…

In my head I calculated that if it takes us two hours to drive there and two hours back we should get in a full four hours of retail therapy that day. I stopped off at a gas station to fill up and collect snacks and drinks just like we would do on road trips with our parents. Kelly told me that she didn’t know exactly where this mall was but we figured that we would see signs from the interstate especially since it was supposed to be the biggest mall in the southeast. As we neared the city limits we began looking for clues to where we would find this spectacular dreamland of designer boutiques. I passed by exit after exit with no sign of a mall. I reached the last city exit and decided to get off that barren road and try my luck in the city …show more content…

Once in familiar territory we stopped for drive through burgers and discussed our game plan. We decided we should ditch the big city and drive home before anything else went wrong. On the way back we found the mall just a few exits prior to where we had started looking for it on the drive in. I gazed upon the grand building knowing we didn’t have enough time to stop and kept going. Just in case we didn’t already know Tyler informed Kelly and I that after putting him through everything we had that day he would never be skipping school with us again and our chances of ever seeing the inside of that mall were zero. With our retail dreams crushed we pulled back into the school parking lot just in time to drop Kelly off at her car and hear the release bell ring. We talked for a few minutes and parted ways to join in with the rest of the cars exiting the parking lot. I figured the day was not a total waste. After all I did get out of taking a test I hadn’t studied for and I wouldn’t have to tell my mother that I earned my little brother and I a trip to lunch detention. Now all I had to do was keep Tyler from spilling the beans about our adventure and spend the rest of the night studying for the inevitable make-up test I would be taking the next

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